Phone: (+4) 031 425 9575
Address: Militari Business Center, Preciziei 3, sect 6, Bucharest

Welcome to Medplanet Baby


  • Medplanet Baby is our division started in 2013 for import and national distribution of baby products in Romania
  • Our clients are the Pharmacies and dedicated Baby Stores
  • We can also provide logistic, representation, marketing and order management services for manufacturers of baby products


The Romanian market of baby products is growing. Dedicated shops are still few and moreover, they are poorly stocked. To buy everything they need for their newborn, parents are forced to look in five or six pharmacies and stores to find all the necessary and practically, the parents lose a lot of time doing this. In addition, the margins charged by some distributors and retailers are very high, speculating parents' need for products necessary for their child care. Because of this, often the Romanian buyer is turning to stores from West-European countries, directly or with the help of relatives or friends who live there.

We are also parents and that gave us confidence to get involved in changing the babies’ products market.

In what concerns Medplanet Baby, we want to expand even further its scope. We want to orient ourselves also to the wholesale trade, to other stores that want to benefit from the advantages that we already have. Another important channel to sell products for children in Romania is the pharmacy, and here the experience with Medplanet is a real gain.

We, Medplanet Baby, want to change things and bring in Romania the best products for babies. With our help, we want the top producers in this area to have full access to the local market, alongside representation and marketing services.

We have everything we need. We have logistics with MedPlanet Cool Logistics, we have the sales experience with Medplanet brand, but also the one strictly focused on baby products.

Therefore, we invite you to join us. To be together Partners for a new life!